“Struggling against entrenched austerity”, new book chapter

In this new book chapter, available in Open Access at the repository of the University of Lisbon and on the website of HeKriS – Challenges of resilience in European cities, Simone Tulumello overviews the challenges for the right to housing in post-crisis Lisbon, and the way social movements are fighing against the deepening of austerity.


This chapter provides an overview of the field of housing politics in contemporary Lisbon: the transition from the end of a period of economic crisis and deep austerity to a fast economic growth based on exportation, tourism and real estate; the intersection of historical housing problems with new trends of financialisation, touristification and gentrification; and the growth of social movements concerned with the right to housing and to the city.
By reflecting on housing crisis and struggles, the chapter takes two conceptual steps. On the one hand, by building on an understanding of austerity as the downloading of vulnerability to risk
from the economic to the social sphere, it explores the entrenchment of austerity in the field of housing. On the other hand, by questioning the capacity of emerging social movements to fight
the social vulnerability brought by austerity, it questions social movements’ potential to establish themselves as a ‘resilient’ alternative to the dominant models of economic development.