Alessandro Colombo


Alessandro Colombo is urban planner (IUAV, Venice and FAUTL, Lisbon) and PhD student in Public Policies at ISCTE-IUL and former research assistant of exPERts at IGOT-ULisboa. He is specialized in local development and urban policies, with particularly interest in the relationship between spatial analysis and decision-making processes in distressed urban areas, in the methodological framework of public policy analysis. His main research interest is multilevel governance systems for the reduction of poverty, with particular attention for the implications in terms of spatial changes. He worked in several research project at international level, focused on urban development in informal settlements (North Africa and South Europe), following participatory mapping approaches and spatial analysis techniques for the understanding of urban transformations. Finally, he is also Managing Editor of  STUDIO Architecture and Urbanism Magazine, an independent publication based in Milan (Italy).

Main publications

  • Colombo, A. (2012) Beyond an age-friendly city: participation of elders in the social production of space through urban agriculture practice. Paper presented at Planning and Ageing. Think, Act and Share age-friendly cities, online.
  • Colombo, A. (2015) Informal is not illegal. From practices to legal framework. STUDIO Architecture and Urbanism Magazine, October.