Eduardo Ascensão

IGOT, ULisboa

Eduardo Ascensão is a postdoctoral researcher at Centro de Estudos Geográficos, University of Lisbon (CEG-ULisboa). An anthropologist and urban geographer, his research interests are in cities and urban theory, the geographies of architecture, housing, migration and postcolonialism, with a special focus on the informal city in Portuguese-speaking countries. He has published on the dwelling experience at pre-PER shanty towns in Lisbon as well as on the political economy of relocation as seen from specific sites.

Main publications

  • Ascensão, E. (2016). Interfaces of informality: when experts meet informal settlers, City, 20(4), 563-580.
  • Ascensão, E. (2015) The Slum Multiple: A Cyborg Micro-history of an Informal Settlement in Lisbon, International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, 39(5), 948-964.
  • Ascensão, E. (2015) Slum gentrification in Lisbon, Portugal: displacement and the imagined futures of an informal settlement’, in Lees, Loretta; Shin, Hyung Bang; and López-Morales, Ernesto (eds.), Global Gentrifications: Uneven development and displacement, pp. 37-58. Bristol: Policy Press.
  • Ascensão, E. (2013) A barraca pós-colonial: materialidade, memória e afecto na arquitectura informal. In Domingos, N., Peralta, E. (eds.), Cidade e Império: dinâmicas coloniais e desdobramentos pós-coloniais, pp. 425-473. Lisbon: Edições 70.